Topiary Art Designs

Artist Steve Manning of Topiary Art Designs makes custom and bespoke feature topiaries, willow, wicker sculptures and replica plant or artificial topiary sculptures. Plus stainless steel topiary frames in any design. We offer a topiary shaping service and topiary plant sales from our nursery.

Suffolk based Topiary Art Designs supply products to Europe the USA and Worldwide.

Product information

Classic Topiary

Is the training of trees and shrubs to grow into ornamental shapes.

With the use of a topiary frame any idea you can imagine is possible. This is not something we can supply as a stock item. These things can take many years to complete. Once complete you will have the most prestigious and low maintenance type of topiary that is possible. This is the best long term option and will only cost for the frame, plant and time. Boxwood for smaller pieces and Yew for larger pieces is recommended in the UK.

Classic Topiary shapes
Artificial Topiary Plugs

Artificial Topiary

Topiaries of anything you can imagine can be made to order using steel frames and replica boxwood hedging. This material looks real. You need to touch it before you can tell. It is become more popular each year as you can have just what you want almost instantly. It is very good for customers who need the piece fast. Or the sculpture is intended for an inside display. These artificial topiary sculptures need no maintenance and are UV protected and fully weatherproof. They can be sent all around the world.

Mosaiculture Topiary

Some call it carpet bedding topiary or filled frame topiary. All are the same thing. They are frames that are then filled with a medium for planting plants into. The item is then covered with tiny plantlets of different colours and textures to give a living and growing topiary. These pieces are considered to be high maintenance and will not last for years without a lot of care. Some have irrigation systems installed inside for ease of care. The main problem is that no known plant will live and grow upside down. So under belly and vertical areas slowly die off and need re planting after time. These kind of topiary features are very impressive for one off events or summertime shows.

Early ordering is needed to ensure the feature is grown in to it’s best in time.

Sadly living plants cannot be sent to the USA

Mosaiculture Topiary lion

Willow Wicker Sculptures

Willow sculptures can be made of anything you can imagine. They look stunning in any garden setting. This natural willow is just the rustic look that many people are looking for. Using steel sculptures as the base then weaving willow over them, creates a strong and detailed willow sculpture that will be long lasting and require only an occasional coat of wood treatment for the winters.

Willow sculptures can also be made like planters and have plants planted into them.

These pieces have been used very successfully by city councils mixing both willow sculpture and living plants to make a stunning display.

Topiary frames

Each frame is an original hand made one-off. You may choose from any of the existing designs or anything you can imagine can be created for you. They can be made to your exact requirements, to grow Box, Yew or any other plants inside that will take the shape.

The topiary frame sculptures are made from stainless steel rod and will never rust. Ensuring a success with your topiary sculpture after any length of time it may take. Not surprisingly, they are guaranteed for life. In design and quality, you won’t find better frames.

The beauty of these frames is that they look spectacular just as a frame sculpture in your garden and everyone can see exactly what it is you are growing from the start. Then you just clip any excess growth from outside of the frame and just like painting by numbers you will achieve your piece in a reasonable time.

Pied Piper Topiary Frames
Wedding Topiary Swans

Wedding topiary

Decorate your wedding venue with stunning custom made floral sculptures made in either artificial plants or real.

Frames of anything you can imagine can also be made for your own chosen florist to decorate.

Swans made with Roses or Lions made with Grasses and Topiary Elephants to add a gorgeous animal magic.

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