Classic Topiary

Classic Topiary is the training of trees and shrubs to grow into ornamental shapes. Most geometric shapes like Cake stands, Balls, Obelisks and spirals are easy to achieve with a nice plant to start with and a good pair of shears. To achieve things like animals people and more ambitious pieces. Frames are recommended. With the use of a topiary frame any idea you can imagine is possible. These things can take many years to complete. Once complete you will have the most prestigious and low maintenance type of topiary that is possible. This is the best long term option and will only cost for the frame, plant and time. Boxwood for smaller pieces and Yew for larger pieces is recommended in the UK. Lonicera (shrub Honey suckle) Works very fast and looks good on first completion, but like the Mediterranean Ligustrum (Privit). It will eventually become twiggy on the lower parts and will need cutting back hard and starting again.

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