European Boxwood and Topiary Society (EBTS)

Nurturing Passion, Cultivating Legacy: Europe’s Heart of Boxwood & Topiary.

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The European Boxwood and Topiary Society, or EBTS, is an esteemed organisation deeply committed to fostering an appreciation for the art of Boxwood and Topiary. They work tirelessly to enhance cultivation knowledge and practices, ensuring these timeless arts thrive and evolve in contemporary landscapes. While their roots are firmly grounded in Europe, with active memberships in countries like the UK, France, Belgium, and more, they maintain a strong and cherished bond with The American Boxwood Society in Virginia, reflecting the global passion for these green arts.

Established from the inspired vision of Elizabeth Braimbridge and further cultivated by her husband, Mark, the EBTS has significantly impacted the boxwood and topiary world since its inception in 1996. Their events, often held in stately homes with celebrated gardens, not only bring together topiary aficionados for lectures and garden visits but also bridge the gap between historical legacy and modern innovation. If you have a passion for topiary or are simply curious about these living arts, the EBTS is a treasure trove of knowledge, history, and community. Discover more about their mission, events, and contributions here.