Mosaiculture Topiary

Some call it carpet bedding topiary or filled frame topiary. All are the same thing. They are Topiary frames. Designed especially for purpose, that are then filled with a medium like moss and/or compost for planting plants into. The item is then covered with tiny plant-lets of different colours and textures to give a living and growing topiary. These pieces are considered to be high maintenance but will last with a good team of maintenance staff to care for them. Some have irrigation systems installed inside for ease of care. The main problem is that no known plant will live and grow upside down. So under belly and vertical areas slowly die off and need re planting after time. These kind of topiary features are very impressive for one off events or summertime shows.
Early ordering is needed to ensure the feature is grown in to it’s best in time.
Sadly living plants cannot be sent to the USA

Suffolk based Topiary Art Designs supply products to Europe the USA and Worldwide.

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