Most of the topiary frame sculptures are made from stainless steel rod and will never rust. Ensuring a success with your topiary sculpture after any length of time it may take. Not surprisingly, they are guaranteed for life. In design and quality, you won’t find better frames. Each frame is an original hand made one-off. We take frame making to the next level. Producing more than the usual balls, hearts, and letters made by others. We create in 3D. Items that most manufacturers are unable to achieve. If Fairy tails are your chosen theme. We can make them real for you. From animals to People and even cars and machines. You may choose from any of our existing designs or anything you can imagine can be created for you. They can be made to your exact requirements, to grow Box, Yew or any other plants inside that will take the shape. The beauty of these frames is that they look spectacular just as a frame sculpture in your garden and everyone can see exactly what it is you are growing from the start. Then you just clip any excess growth from outside of the frame and just like painting by numbers you will achieve your piece in a reasonable time.

Suffolk based Topiary Art Designs supply products to Europe the USA and Worldwide.

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